Brain-savvy Leading


Published by
Jan Hills
August 19, 2016


The science of achieving better performance

When we talk to clients they tell us that improving leadership capability and effectiveness remains a priority. Many say what has worked in the past is no longer enough, the stakes have changed. We recognise that helping leaders to be more brain-savvy is one way of increasing effectiveness. But what do we mean by that and what’s the science behind brain-savvy leading? And even if you know the science how can you tell if, as a leader, you are being brain-savvy? To help answer these questions we have developed a self-assessment tool to help you as a leader assess how brain-savvy you are. If you sign up for this webinar we will send you the link to the tool so that you can assess yourself and learn the results. You can then join the webinar to learn about the science behind the tool and some practical steps you can take to become even more effective. You can have a sneak preview about brain-savvy leaders by watching our video

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